National Day of Prayer

Prayers For Government Leaders On National Day Of Prayer
The 66th annual National Day of Prayer was marked Thursday on the Southcoast with gatherings of residents outside local government buildings.
About 20 Christians assembled at the Town Hall in Fairhaven, offering prayers and songs and asking a higher power to grant wisdom to public officials…
National Day Of Prayer Events Held On Southcoast
Christians gathered outside government buildings and education centers on the Southcoast Thursday, taking part in the National Day of Prayer.
In Fairhaven, about a dozen people stood on the stairs of Town Hall, singing hymns and offering prayers for national and local government leaders...
Clergy Leads Prayer Service at City Hall
City and town halls across the region hosted religious prayer services on Thursday, as part of the National Day of Prayer. 
 In New Bedford, about 25 people attended a 45 minute service on the steps of City Hall. 
Executive Minister David Lma of the Interchurch Council of Greater New Be…