Hillary Clinton just can't seem to shut up. And her defenders insist I won't let her drift quietly off into the sunset.

Mrs. Clinton is a public figure who, if it weren't for Donald J. Trump, would have become President of these here United States of America! She babbles stupidity, so her comments are fair game.

After being roundly hissed by fellow Democrats last week for suggesting that white women were simply too stupid to vote for her, the woman who for years defended her husband, whose hobbies included creating "Me Too" moments for many white women, is back with a defense of her remarks.

Ol' Mrs.C took to Facebook over the weekend to say she "meant no disrespect to any individual or group."

 "[T]here is anecdotal evidence and some research to suggest that women are unfortunately more swayed by men than the other way around. As much as I hate the possibility, and hate saying it, it’s not that crazy when you think about our ongoing struggle to reach gender balance – even within the same household." 

Hill, who would rather eat a bug any day than admit she was wrong about anything, chooses to insist that somehow we're just too thin-skinned or dumb to understand it all:

"I did not realize how hard it would hit many who heard it. So to those upset or offended by what I said last week, I hope this explanation helps to explain the point I was trying to make."

Elected Democrats are begging Hillary to just shut up, but she won't. And as annoying as her deranged diatribe has become, I for one hope she keeps it up right up until the election of 2020. Now that would be a contribution to public service.

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