As summer approaches, it becomes abundantly clear just how significant the loss of The Edge, formerly Davy's Locker, is to our waterfront. And now the real possibility exists that Me & Ed's and the Clarke's Point Creamery could close as well.

It's depressing when you think about it.

When businesses such as these close, it not only erodes a bit of our culinary history, but it steals an opportunity to market the city to those who would enjoy drinks or a meal near the water. It's incredible to think that in a city like New Bedford, The Edge/Davy's was the only real restaurant right there on the beach. Me & Ed's is not directly on the water, but is just a short walk from the beach.

Barry Richard/Townsquare Media

Why haven't the former Billy Wood's Wharf and The Edge/Davy's properties attracted investors? Is there a reason why that I am unaware of? Fort Taber and the beaches draw lots of folks, and it just seems to make common sense that they would want to dine and drink right on the water, no?

Greg Desrosiers/TSM

The owner of Me & Ed's, the Clark's Point Creamery and the parking lot across the street is selling. Could be the new owners will keep things as is, but they could gut it all and put housing units there. How sad would that be?

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Imagine, a beachfront in New Bedford without a single place to eat fresh seafood or to have a cool drink on a hot summer day.

Now that would be a shame.

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