Summer is technically less than a month away. If you're like me, you're probably worried because you haven't exactly stuck to those resolutions about getting in the best shape of your life in time for the beach. (A work in progress, but nowhere near my goals). Well that oh crap feeling has hit more than one person I know, but I couldn't have put it in words better than my friend Kathy Wilbur. Kathy is a 24-year-old from Dartmouth and her story is so familiar that I had to share it. With her blessing, I give you her Facebook post from Monday, May 22nd.

"Last week it was pretty hot, and that's all it took for some good ole self loathing to rear its ugly head at me. In the spirit of honesty, almost none of summery clothes fit me this year. This not only made me hotter, but sent me into a panic: "What am I doing?? How have I not lost the weight in time for summer? What am I GOING to do?? I was in such better shape at this time last year. WHY did I throw that away??" and on and on and on.

These kinds of thoughts have a tendency to just start frantically playing on a loop in my head. But I'm determined to tell them to stop and keep practicing that really hard but really [expletive] essential thing called Self Love.

Here are some facts, whether I like them or not, as they are:
-I was in better shape/thinner at this time last year.
-Many, if not most, of my clothes don't fit me comfortably right now.
-I haven't seen much "progress" on my body in a long time.

Usually, I'd allow these facts to run the show up there in my little old brain. But here are some other facts:
-Those clothes CAN fit me again.
-I am a person full of worth and value and positive qualities even if those clothes NEVER fit me again.
-I'm trying my [expletive] best.
-My Best doesn't have to be THE BEST POSSIBLE BY ANY HUMAN EVER.
-I AM getting stronger at yoga and at spin, even if it is not manifesting itself visually yet.
-I am only (newly) 24 and it would be weird if I had everything all figured out perfectly already.
-Tight pants are not a mortal sin.
-I have nice hair.
-I have a good brain.
-I can be pretty even if I am overweight.
-I am kind as [expletive].
-Even though summer is coming, there is NO finish line. I don't have to get back to where I was "in time" or in two months or by the fall.

Probably everyone knows or can tell that for years, my weight has been up and down. My focus on weight and how it relates to me/the world has been almost ever-present in my writing. I have lost weight before, and I hope to do it again. But this time, I DEMAND that I do all of it with Self Love FIRST. Things take time. Good things, especially. I'm going to strive for a healthy life, body, muscles, waistline, and SOUL because I deserve it. Because I am a good person. Because if we are not right with ourselves, nothing will ever feel truly right or complete or comfy. So, another day another food journal. Another workout in clothes that are kinda tight at the moment. For now. Or maybe forever. Either way, I'm still good. I'm still worthy of love and kindness and compliments. I'm still me, this person who I feel like I am just now getting to know, just now truly creating the right way. And you know what? I like her.

So, if you're also trying to lose weight or if you ever have days where you think some not-so-nice thoughts about yourself, please know that you're doing just [expletive] fine. Great, actually. Because life is hard and no matter what you do today, you are KILLING IT. And you are worthy of love and respect and appreciation, especially and always from yourself."

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