“Losers” Gain Weight Back
"The Biggest Loser" is a reality show on  NBC that challenges overweight contestants to lose pounds. The contestants compete for a cash prize. Mark Kruger, of Dartmouth, and Jay Kruger, of New Bedford, competed in Season 5, after they were spotted outside Fenway Park by a cast…
Live Longer With Fish & Plant Fats
For years it seems we've been told to avoid fat in our diets, but a new study suggests that may not be the best thing to do. Swedish researchers tested for levels of different types of fats in over 4,000 Swedish women and men, then followed up with half of the participants for at least 14 and-a…
Eat Cheese
Bring on the flaming Kasseri Saganaki! Step right this way Pecorino Romano, Feta, Brie, Asiago and Cheddar! The good news is recent research indicates that dairy products should be an important part of your diet.
Look Younger
Are you tired of feeling older than you actually are? People tell you all the time how good you look but you just don't feel that way. Would you like to feel as young as you look? Simple changes can be made to your daily life to help you feel younger and look great. They don't have to be d…
Few Americans Eat Three Balanced Meals a Day
Americans don't have the best eating habits. Only 18-percent of the respondents in a new Vitamin Shoppe survey say they have three balanced meals every day of the week, while most people only average three square meals a day four days a week.
Finally, a Diet With Results
I am almost at my goal!  Five months ago I embarked on my journey to lose 40 pounds!  Yesterday I went for a weigh in and I am proud to announce tha I am down 33 pounds.