President Obama is responding to growing concerns about the militarization of police in the U.S. The President is making moves to tighten federal rules on providing military-type equipment to local and state police departments.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said an executive order is being drafted to require a more regulated list of armored vehicles and military-style weaponry for police. The President will also propose tens of millions of dollars for police body cameras and law enforcement training programs. The Pentagon has been providing surplus military equipment to police for years.

President Obama's moves have been prompted by events in Ferguson, Missouri. Angry protests and clashes with police have occurred off and on ever since a white police officer shot an unarmed black teenager to death back in August.

Last week, a Missouri grand jury decided that no criminal charges would be filed against the officer, who is resigning from the Ferguson Police Department. The grand jury decision prompted more angry protests. Meantime, Earnest said the President is open to the idea of visiting Ferguson but noted that no travel plans have been set. (Metro Networks Inc.)