Democrat presidential contender Elizabeth Warren refuses to back down from a lie she told last week about the police shooting that triggered the Ferguson riots five years ago.

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Warren tweeted that black teenager Micheal "Gentle Giant" Brown "was murdered by a white police officer" when in fact she knows that to be not true. Not only did a grand jury find police officer Darren Wilson acted properly in shooting Brown, who was attacking him, but Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder determined that Wilson acted in self-defense.

Warren dug in when asked yesterday in New Hampshire if she stood by her tweet.

"What happened is that a man was shot–an unarmed man, in the middle of the street, by police officers, and left to die," she said. "And I think that’s where our focus should be. It is the fifth anniversary of that occurring, and we need to talk about how to make real change in this country."

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Warren's kind of pandering-by-hate-mongering is the worse. It is repugnant and gross and has no place in the American political system. Warren has a penchant for lying that has served her well. She pretended to be a Native American for years in order to advance her career. She came clean only when she was no longer able to further defend the lie in the face of evidence. And even then she blamed her grandmother for the falsehood.

Elizabeth Warren's guttural campaign style places a target on the back of every law enforcement officer in the country. America deserves much better than Elizabeth Warren.

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