A Chinese food-delivery driver handed over $70 in cash in exchange for a $30 order of Chinese food, which was paid with a $100 bill on Saturday night. However, little did he know that the $100 bill, which was given to him was a fake one.

According to the Taunton Gazette, "The Lucky House driver, who police said was bilked out of the cash and food, instead was fooled by what he thought was a real $100 bill."

That currency note turned out to not be legit.

The delivery driver was fooled when he went to drop off a $30 order just after 10pm at 24 Cottage Street in Taunton.

When the Lucky House driver arrived at the destination, he was met by a woman standing on the sidewalk who exchanged the driver $100 for $30 worth of Chinese food.

Once he returned back to the restaurant, the driver and other employees realized that the bill was counterfeit. Before reporting the incident to police, an employee called two phone numbers that were involved in requesting the delivery order.

One of the numbers was used to place the order, and the other one, was used in order to look into why the delivery was taking so long.

The phone number with a 617 exchange, resulted in the caller ID of "Boston Park Place." An Internet search of the number indicates it was or is issued to a Boston resident living on Coleridge Street.

"The other number, with a 727 exchange, was affiliated with the name of a woman who, according to Linkedin, is a Canton-based crisis specialist supervisor and a former Bay State correction officer."

However, a search of that number on the Internet leads to a different woman with a mailing address in New Port Richey, Florida.

When one of the Lucky House employees called the 727 number, a woman on the other end hung up when he began asking about the counterfeit money.

It was then that the police were contacted and were unsuccessful in making contact with anyone at either number.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez

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