I expect Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault in the early 1980’s, will file a police report about the allegations. It is her right to go to the local police and follow proper procedure, even after all this time.

Filing the report also serves the goal of the Democrats. The whole situation has been played by the Democrats to delay the vote on confirmation. Judge Kavanaugh can’t join the Supreme Court until he is confirmed by the Senate, and every delay benefits the Democrats. The new Supreme Court session begins on October 1, with or without Brett Kavanaugh.

Generating a police complaint by the accuser will add a significant new level of political discomfort to the Republicans. At a minimum, it will delay the vote again. How can a vote be held on a nominee for the Supreme Court currently under investigation by local police for sexually assaulting a child?

A police investigation would also give the Democrats an opportunity to call for a delay in the testimony of the accuser. They can argue that the hearings could interfere with an ongoing police investigation. Public hearings and interviews with witnesses by the Senate staff must stand down while the local and impartial police try to uncover the truth about the alleged crime.

The accuser has the right to file a complaint with the police and it shouldn’t matter to her how it affects the life of the person she believes attacked her. In a perfect world, she would have filed the report immediately after she felt victimized. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and it is common for sex assaults to go unreported.

If her team of advisors, which is full of Democrat activists, want to delay her Senate testimony, then filing a police report is a useful and completely legal option for them to consider.

The lack of details about the time and location of the alleged crime will make the investigation difficult. The local police are going to turn over every clue and go down every avenue to find the truth while under immense media scrutiny. Soon, we will be learning the names and faces of some local Maryland police officers.

It makes sense for the accuser to file a police report.

But what does it mean if the accuser and her legal team decide not to file a police report?

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