NEW BEDFORD — Police are calling a recent spate of shootings and violent crimes in New Bedford a "top priority" for the city's police department.

New Bedford Police spokesperson Lt. Scott Carola said Monday that patrol officers are concentrating their attention on areas where violent crimes have taken place in order to prevent further violence.

"All the recent incidents of violent crime are under investigation and handled as a top priority," he said.

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Carola noted that the recent crimes are not random, but "specifically targeted."

Two shooting incidents took place within hours of each other over the weekend, with one person injured and a home damaged.

This comes after a fatal stabbing in a city park last week and a shooting that left one person hospitalized during a July 24 basketball tournament at Monte Park, despite police officers being present.

Two suspects have already been arrested in connection to the stabbing, and an arrest warrant has been issued for the suspect in the Monte Park shooting.

"When a crime cannot be prevented, every effort is made to ensure that those responsible are identified and charged," stated Carola.

The two shooting incidents that took place over the weekend remain under investigation.


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