NEW BEDFORD (WBSM) — Despite being dropped as the City’s trash hauler, E.L Harvey Waste and Recycling Services is staying in New Bedford.

E.L. Harvey, formerly ABC Disposal Inc., saw its 10-year contract with the City end on June 30.

On July 3, the Boston-based Capitol Waste Services, Inc. became New Bedford’s new trash hauler, signing a three-year contract worth $26.4 million.

E.L Harvey spokesman BJ Harvey said the company will still provide services to New Bedford, Bristol County and the surrounding areas.

He also thanked the City and its residents for their cooperation and 20 years of service.

“Although the City of New Bedford was a large contract loss to the local operating district, we will continue to be in a strong and secure position to service our customer base not only in New Bedford but all the surrounding cities and towns in Southeastern Massachusetts,” Harvey said.

“We are committed to providing exceptional waste and recycling services in our service area and we deeply value our relationship with our residential customers and the community of New Bedford," he said.

E.L. Harvey Has Its New Bedford Roots in ABC Disposal

E.L. Harvey purchased New Bedford-based ABC Disposal in 2022, taking over its contract with the City of New Bedford. ABC had entered a 10-year contract with the City in 2003. The City extended the contract for another 10 years in 2013.

The company provided waste removal and disposal services for residents, special events such as the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament and providing volunteers for Operation Clean Sweep.

Additionally, the company offered snow removal services for the winter months.

The company is also investing $8 million towards upgrading its facility located on Shawmut Avenue as part of the City's gateway city vision.

According to E.L. Harvey, the $8 million will fund new equipment and renovate the facility to add a wash and hauling station.

New Bedford Transitioned From E.L. Harvey to Capitol Waste Services

On June 28, 2023, Mayor Jon Mitchell announced that Capitol Waste Services would replace E.L. Harvey as the City’s trash hauler.

Mitchell told WBSM’s Marcus Ferro and Chris McCarthy the decision to replace E.L. Harvey was due to “a considerable amount (of complaints) not only to my office, to my administration generally, but also to city councilors about how people felt about those services so that also factored into the decision as well.”

During the first weekend of July, E.L. Harvey's final weekend as the City's trash hauler, several residents reported that the company did not pick up 11,000 trash barrels.

Employees from the Department of Facilities and Fleet Management, Department of Public Infrastructure and Capitol Waste Services collected the bins throughout the weekend.

Mitchell said he was unhappy with the company for not doing their job and said the City would not pay them for those two days of work.

“I was shocked that many were left behind,” Mitchell said about the trash barrels. “We’re not going to pay Harvey their last payment. We’re very disappointed by the fact that they walked away.”

E.L. Harvey Is Committed to New Bedford

Despite these complaints, Harvey said the company is still staying in New Bedford and will remain committed to its clients.

Harvey said the $8 million renovation plan will proceed, despite the City terminating the contract.

“We have actively contributed to a cleaner, more sustainable future by investing in waste management initiatives, educating community members on waste reduction strategies, and supporting local events and charities,” Harvey said.

“Our dedication is not just about doing business; it’s about giving back to the community that we are proud to be part of, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted leader in the waste and recycling services industries.”

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