Well, Hillary Clinton's retirement was short-lived.

Just hours after telling a Bronx TV station "I'm not running" for the Democrat presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton has apparently had a change of heart.

Maggie Haberman, a political reporter for the New York Times, says a Clinton insider tells her that Mrs. Clinton was not trying to "be emphatic and close the door on running" and was apparently "surprised" at the reaction to her statement. I can see why.

The insider also allegedly told Haberman that Mrs. Clinton is not ready to finalize her plans as long as John Kerry is still considering a run. Haberman claims Mrs. C also wants to see the results of the Mueller report before making a final determination.

One can surely understand all of the confusion. It's obvious that Bronx News 12 took the comment "I'm not running" completely out of context. But then we are also talking about the New York Times here, which has a penchant for quoting fake sources and getting things wrong from time to time.

I have a feeling that the paper got it right this time, though. I suspect that Maggie Haberman's secret source was none other than Hillary Clinton and the message may have been laced with more than a few expletives directed at Bronx News 12 or someone else that could be blamed for Clinton clearly being misunderstood.

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