Heath Campbell is the leader of a pro-Nazi group called Hitler's Order. He lives in New Jersey, and chose to name his son Adolph Hitler Campbell. Both of his children were taken away from him in 2009, and now he wants them back. 

NBC 10

On Monday Campbell was in court fighting to get his children back. The state of New Jersey took them away saying that he was an abusive father, but Campbell thinks differently. However he may not be helping himself by wearing a Nazi uniform to court.

Campbell says that he loves his children, and wants to prove that he's a good father. In his interview he says that he is a good person, and people shouldn't be judged how they are on the outside. Campbell's two oldest children were taken away by social service in 2009, and a third was taken away just hours after birth in the hospital in 2011.

The couple says that they never abused their children, and being discriminated because of the names that they chose for their children.

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