When Twitter Users are attacking their fellow drivers online, it seems the worst comments are for Rhode Islanders.

In a new poll I'm sure no one on the SouthCoast would disagree with, Rhode Island drivers received more negative comments than other states.

A whopping 71% of comments about Rhode Island drivers on Twitter were negative according to data compiled by Clunker Junker, a website that offers you cash for your old car.

Massachusetts drivers, however, did fare better than their Ocean State neighbors. Only 59% of road-related tweets about the Bay State were negative in nature. That number isn't even high enough to get our local drivers in the Top 10 of terrible states.

Courtesy Luke Doyle NeoMam Studios
Courtesy Luke Doyle
NeoMam Studios

Feel free to brag accordingly.

While people may not have nice things to say about Rhode Island drivers, insurance rankings have had a different story to tell.

Shockingly Rhode Islanders were once named among the safest drivers in the country. Massachusetts, of course, topped that list at the time.

So perhaps it's just everyone in New England's super, safe use of the roadways that drives everyone else in the country insane?

Yeah, probably not.

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