MASHPEE (WBSM) — Honestly, we’ve all thought it in our heads before, right? Some of us might have even said it out loud.

But someone actually typed a rather profane renaming of Cape Cod’s Barnstable County Fair into a traffic sign, which drivers spotted and shared on social media before it was eventually corrected.

A photo went viral on Saturday of a traffic sign said to be on Route 151 in Mashpee, in which the sign is informing travelers on the well-traveled Cape road that the annual Barnstable County Fair is coming up – but someone apparently forgot the “o” in “County.”

via the Sandwich News Facebook Group
via the Sandwich News Facebook Group

It certainly got some extra attention for the air, which is happening at the fairgrounds in East Falmouth July 17-23, a beloved Cape Cod tradition for almost 170 years.

Some questioned whether it was a typo or if it was intentional, and if it was on purpose, if it was for a joke or if it was mean-spirited.

Wendy Brown, General Manager of the Barnstable County Fair, said it was an “honest mistake.”

“Unfortunately, when the digital sign company set it up, they must not have used spell check,” she said in a statement to WBSM. “The issue was resolved and now reads ‘County.’ It was an honest mistake, and we certainly apologize if anyone was offended.”

From the comments on Facebook, it seems people were generally amused, because after all, we’ve probably all had a typo that went horribly, horribly wrong.

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