History buff  Mike Lemieux, carpenter Rich Soares, and designer Jen MacDonald are three local preservationists and Cape Cod natives who have a successful HGTV show on their hands.

Houses with History on HGTV follows this trio as they look to restore historic homes around Plymouth and Cape Cod.

Now, one of their beautifully restored homes is officially for sale.

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Houses with History on HGTV

For Lemieux, Soares, and MacDonald, saving a home means saving a piece of history.

The journey for Lemieux and MacDonald started by working on rental properties and it evolved into bringing 18th-century homes back to life through their company, Full Circle Homes. Rich Soares was brought on as a carpenter, and now, their passion continues to gain national attention thanks to Houses with History on HGTV.

With two seasons under their belts, this team has captivated an audience who share a love of history and the houses that keep it alive.

In Season 1, they travel to Barnstable to restore a charming Cape Cod cottage and it comes with an odd feature on the inside.

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Restored Barnstable House for Sale  

The star of the episode was a historic house on Route 6A built in 1800 that was off the market, but Lemieux jumped on it quickly and got to work.

The home was in rough shape, with a punched-in wall on the inside, loose shingles on the outside, and a double staircase that left Lemieux and Soares scratching their heads.

“I’ve heard of a good morning staircase, where both people could come out of their bedrooms and join together…but two separate stairs? That’s just weird," said Lemieux.

The team decided to tackle the property in the name of preservation.

“This (home) is what the Cape would have been littered with hundreds of years ago that have all been demolished. They haven’t been preserved and you get these McMansions that take the place,” said Lemieux.

“So little homes like this one, especially ones in disrepair, are the first to get knocked down,” added Soares.

Wait until you see the before and after on this one.

"It is the end of an era and now we want someone else to love this spot as much as we all have," said Full Circle Homes & Farm. "The listing is coming by the weekend so this is just a sneak peek! Stay tuned if you are looking for your next home on Cape Cod!"

Watch the episode online, and keep scrolling to see the stunning cottage for sale.

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