A man convicted of killing three people, including his mother and a newlywed couple in Washington State, has been indicted in the 1988 stabbing death of a Fall River woman.

At a news conference on Monday, Bristol County District Attorney Sam Sutter announced the indictment of Daniel Tavares Jr. In the death of Gayle Botelho.

In 2000, police found her remains buried in the backyard of a house Tavares led them to and where he lived when she disappeared.

Tavares pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the 1991 death of his mother and was in prison until 2007.

After a judge released him while awaiting trial for assaults on prison guards, he fled to Washington, where he shot and killed Brian and Beverly Mauck, of Graham, a rural town south of Tacoma.

D-A Sutter, joined Monday By Gayle Botelho's sister, said his Cold Case unit never forgot about the case, re-interviewing witnesses and evaluating evidence.  He says the case started to pick up steam eight months ago.

Tavares is serving a life sentence in Washington.  Sutter his office is working on a date to return Tavares to Mass. for arraignment.  He says he can't discuss the evidence till then.


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