The departure of Catherine Herridge from the Fox News Channel is a huge blow to the cable news network most trusted by those of us who are right of center.

Herridge, the network's chief intelligence correspondent, has been with Fox News since its founding in 1996 and is considered among the most credible in a world saturated by fake news, celebrity reporters and opinionated talk hosts that have become the cable-news industry. In other words, she is trusted at a time when few others are. That is important.

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While Fox News viewers shed few tears over the recent departure of Shep Smith, Herridge will be sorely missed and her exit could be devastating to the network. Many longtime viewers have not been happy about some of the goings-on over at Fox and the loss of Herridge is one more reason for their unhappiness.

Catherine Herridge is 55 years old. She is the mother of two children, one of whom Herridge donated a portion of her liver to in 2006. She is Canadian and is married to Lt. Col. JD Hayes.

Herridge's departure was anticipated by the folks at Fox. Her contract expired several months ago and she has opted for a new gig with CBS that appears to be a slightly less demanding role as a senior investigative correspondent.

As CNN, MSNBC and some of the other left-leaning news outlets have steadily lost viewers as a result of their relentless assaults on the Trump Administration, Fox News is struggling with an identity crisis. Many viewers feel abandoned by Fox and are turned off by the likes of Donna Brazile, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Juan Williams, and Chris Wallace.

With trust in the "mainstream media" crumbling around her, Catherine Herridge has managed to remain committed to fair and honest reporting. Her reputation is solid as a rock. Herridge will be a huge asset to CBS News, which is struggling mightily in the race for ratings, but her departure creates some serious credibility issues for Fox News.

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