The news on Friday that the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe had their Land-In-Trust application formally approved came the same day that Bristol Community College formally announced that they would be opening a satellite campus inside the Silver City Galleria.

Upon hearing the news College President Jack Sbrega told WBSM that it would provide a great opportunity for their students particularly those involved in their casino program.

"We've had the casino curriculum for a while now, ever since I got here in 2000 we've been putting it together, not knowing that there would be something in our area and now that the tribe has been approved I think that enhances our efforts," said Sbrega.

Sbrega also says that while there are plenty of job opportunities across the country for those who wish to work in the gaming industry, he says it's advantageous to have opportunities so close to home.

Taunton Mayor Thomas Hoye also welcomed the news calling it something the residents of his city support and a boost for their local economy.

"63 percent of the people here in Taunton voted for the project, I think it's going to offer us a wonderful economic opportunity here in the city, and I'm looking forward to the beginning phases of construction, hopefully in the spring," said Hoye.

State Senator Marc Pacheco echoed those sentiments saying it would be a boost to employment in the region.

"They're will be plenty of job opportunities in the area, significant construction jobs, etc," said Pacheco "and even though the economy is doing far better now statewide, in the Southeast it still lags a little bit behind, so this is welcome news to Southeastern Massachusetts to see this approval in place."

In addition to clearing way for the casino, tribal officials say it will also allow them to establish public safety services on tribal lands.