What major events will happen in 2018, aside from the El Gordo Blizzard we just went through? A good person to ask is The Amazing Kreskin. who was my special guest on-air! He is one of the world's greatest mentalist who has performed around the world for over 60 years. In years past, this legendary mentalist predicted fifty years from now guns will not exist in the modern world. They will all be gone and considered archaic. Guns will be replaced by a weapon so small that it can fit into a person’s pocket. He's also warned millennials to get a job - any kind of job - and not enroll in college for two years following high school graduation. By not going immediately into college, Kreskin tells young people that those two years make a huge difference by not getting bored with academics.

He made a couple of 2018 predictions, but the most interesting things he shared with our audience were interesting stories told The Amazing Kreskin way! This month, Kreskin turns 82. If inquisitive minds want to know more, simply log onto www.amazingkreskin.com.

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