Kreskin Can Read Your Mind
What major events will happen in 2018, aside from the El Gordo Blizzard we just went through? A good person to ask is The Amazing Kreskin. who was my special guest on-air! He is one of the world's greatest mentalist who has performed around the world for over 60 years...
DOB Predicts Diseases
Let's make a friendly bet. I'll bet you the astrological sign you're born under is a predictor for certain kinds of diseases that you'll most likely suffer from someday. Do you accept my bet or not? Many doctors used to take astrology seriously—and season of …
What Are Your 2013 Predictions?
I'd much rather hear your predictions for 2013! Anything goes; local, national or international issues, the economy, sports, politics, science, movies, inventions, stock market, hurricanes, Supreme Court, etc.