Let's make a friendly bet. I'll bet you the astrological sign you're born under is a predictor for certain kinds of diseases that you'll most likely suffer from someday. Do you accept my bet or not? Many doctors used to take astrology seriously—and season of birth has been linked to increased risk for a number of serious diseases. Can modern medicine actually learn from stars and seasonality?

Your birthday is an inescapable mark, one of a small number of qualities in life you can never change, that accompanies you everywhere! But there’s something to astrology that rationalists have to contend with: The season of your birth, it turns out, appears to have a strong influence on your future. Depending on whether you were born in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, you could have a higher or lower risk for everything from schizophrenia, sleep disorders, Type 1 diabetes, bipolar disorders, allergies, and some say the season of your birth can even determine how long you live! But how is this possible?

According to various sources, each star sign has a predisposition for developing certain diseases. Your sign will be listed here. Read your birth month's health information and let me know whether what's written about your personal birth month is on-target or not.


Aries-born usually suffer from headaches, migraines, neuralgia, sinusitis and insomnia. Monotony, existential problems and constant planning for the future, reflects badly to their nervous system. People born under this sign are easy to upset and they are constantly living on the edge of exhaustion. Since they are prone to poor cerebral circulation and blockage of blood vessels in the brain, they should avoid fatty and spicy foods. Aries-born should often drink freshly squeezed fruit juices in order to provide the body with more vitamins.


Taureans often have breathing problems and suffer from asthma, bronchitis, frequent sore throats. They are also prone to cardiovascular diseases and ulcers. They cannot stand being sick and laying in bed, so they often deny that they have health problems. The decreased ability of the immune system is a common trigger for diseases to people born under this sign. Taureans should avoid sweets and other foods that have too many calories.


Geminis usually suffer from upper-body issues and disorders of the nervous system. They suffer from frequent cough, asthma, bone fractures and mental disorders. Loneliness, misunderstood and limitations of the environment in which they find themselves, often reflects bad on their health. Geminis think that they can heal immediately after taking the pills, so they ignore the symptoms and interrupt the treatment when they consider that they have recovered. People born under this sign should quit smoking, because of their tendency to asthma and lung diseases.


Cancerians usually have digestive and vision problems. When it comes to their health, they often suffer from indigestion, ulcers, and have a predisposition to food poisoning. They are overly sensitive, which negatively affects their health. Contemporary medicine will not help much, if they are not surrounded by people who love them and care about them. They should avoid foods rich in starch, sugar and fat.


Leos often complain on vision problems, spinal disk problems and cardiovascular diseases. People born under the sign of Leo are workaholics, so they do not have much time to take care of themselves and their health. Loss of job, family member or other stress which affects their ego can cause disease in otherwise the proud Leo. In order to be healthier, they should eat more foods rich in protein. Since Leos are prone to cardiovascular diseases, they should maintain a normal weight, eat healthy and walk more.


Virgos usually have digestive disorders, so they suffer from cramps, constipation and diseases related to the liver and gallbladder. However, what separates them from the other zodiac signs is that if they feel that something in their body is not functioning as it should, they will immediately go to a doctor for advice. They are more susceptible to illness, when they feel useless and ineffective. In order to be healthier, Virgos need to learn how to relax and have fun.


Libras should pay more attention to the lower spine, the hormonal status of the whole body as well as the urinary tract. Diseases that are commonly associated with people born under this sign are lumbago, cystitis, kidney problems and cramps. They seek harmony and can not stand conflicts, so they hide their feelings and often suffer of psychosomatic disorders. They will take into account the medical advice, only if the person is nice and pleasant. Lack of love for Libras is sometimes the key trigger for the development of diseases, because they live to love and be loved. They should avoid anything that irritates their sensitive kidneys and bladder: alcohol, mustard, spices and fatty sauces. Meditation combined with aromatherapy and classical music can help to restore the lost balance of mind and body.


Scorpios are prone to diseases of the genital and urinary tract, and they often suffer from indigestion. Scorpios are a nightmare for doctors, because they are very mysterious and they often don’t explain all the symptoms. However, they have a will of iron which helps them to be persistent when it comes to recovery, and do not give up until they feel completely healthy. Their health is most vulnerable when they are faced with some big losses. They should avoid large amounts of coffee, nicotine, alcohol, fatty and spicy foods.


Sagittarians are prone to bone fractures and other injuries. Women born under this sign have problems with cellulite on thighs and butt. When they are sick, they usually rely on their innate optimism that they will soon be better and they will overcome the disease. When they experience betrayal or deception, they become particularly vulnerable to development of diseases. Sagittarians should avoid spicy and canned foods, carbonated drinks and coffee.


Capricorns usually suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, frequent cavities and various skin diseases such as eczema. However, they are rarely sick, and when they are sick they don’t complain. Since they don’t like to depend on anyone or anything, they are obedient as patients, in order to quickly return to their normal life. They have a tendency to pessimism and depression, so they should walk more in nature, because nature is relaxing, which is good for the overall health.


Aquarians often have problems related to circulation or muscle tissue, sports injuries as well as varicose veins. They strictly adhere to the therapy and they only problem is that they forget to go for a check-up. Loss of independence, uncertain situation at work and love disappointment, belong to the stresses that Aquarians often feel through their immune system. They should sleep at least eight hours a day, to rest both mentally and physically. People born under this sign should drink less coffee and quit smoking.


Pisceans have the most sensitive immune system of the zodiac, so they are prone to bacterial and viral infections. They can often neglect their health and they require a lot of attention and care when they are sick. Their diseases are often caused by the insecurities and anxieties that torture them. Pisceans tend to take more medications than they need. Because of the tendency to fatigue and anemia, it is necessarily to eat foods rich in protein.