I turned 26 at 7:04 AM on Wednesday, May 9. Just 48 hours later, I found my first gray hair before driving to work. Sitting there in my car, looking at the mirror, the light hit it just the right way and exposed the silver strand. At first I thought it was just a bit of dry shampoo that hadn't worked itself into my hair yet, but nope.

I had a few thoughts on my commute that morning and decided to share them with you. I know I can't be the only one.

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    I’ve literally only been 26 for 2 days. Can we slow this down a bit?

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    My identical twin sister says she’s seen grays since she was 16. I cheated our DNA for a decade.

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    Oh crap, I plucked it. Will more show up now?

    Was Samantha from Sex and the City right?! God, please say no!

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    What do I do with it? Put it in my baby book?

    Of course I threw it away, but I jokingly told my mom that this was a momentous occasion and that she should save it in my baby book and write the date next to it.

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    Should I start putting more money away in my 401K? Is 5% enough?

    I actually started putting money into my 401K last summer, but I think I should add a little extra now. Lord knows when I'll end up retiring at this rate.

    Saving for retirement may not seem like a top priority for a 25/26-year-old, but if you have the ability to do so, just start with baby steps. Every little bit counts and your 65-year-old-self will thank you.

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    I really need to move out of my parents house.

    Let me tell you, saving is HARD. I would LOVE to move out and have a house of my own, but that's proving to be difficult at the moment. And I'm not alone. According to National Mortgage Professional, only 20 percent of millennials are homeowners as of September of 2017. For the 80 percent of us who may still be working towards that goal, student loans are a big factor. That gray hair is pushing me to pay those off even quicker.