A company official for Kmart confirmed Wednesday in an email to The Standard Times that Kmart in the Shaw's Plaza will close its doors in mid-April.

Company spokesman Howard Riefs stated in the email, "[w]e can confirm that we are making the difficult, but necessary decision to close the Kmart store at 9 Plaza Way in Fairhaven."

Riefs also stated that the store will begin a liquidation sale on Jan. 6.

"We have been strategically and aggressively evaluating our store space and productivity, and have accelerated the closing of unprofitable stores as previously announced," he wrote. He stated that in the email that the majority of the employees work part-time, but the total number of employees available at this time.

Eligible employees will receive severance and will have the chance to apply for openings at Sears or Kmart stores in the area.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez

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