Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images
Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images

The national news media is working overtime to defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton.  While fairly obvious, until now that has been largely opinion but recent Wikileaks dumps have proven it to be true without a shadow of a doubt.

What all of this means is that voters have been deluged with ads, faux news reports and social media memes featuring everything from eleven year old tape of Trump's foul but private conversations, to bogus claims that Trump refused to rent to black people and of course that he called  a former beauty queen Miss Piggy.  All  important scandals no doubt...if you are brain dead or 16 years old.

What is at stake in this election is the very future of this nation and that is no exaggeration.  Roughly two-thirds of Americans believe the country is headed off the cliff but how we right the ship is being given less consideration by the media than whether Trump's hair is real or fake.  Who the hell would buy hair that looks like that anyway?  I digress.

The next president will determine the make up of the Supreme Court for years to come.  Immigration policy, trade issues, the possibility of war with Russia, de-escalating tensions with the Chinese and keeping Iran from obtaining the bomb are all challenges facing the next administration.  The next president will determine whether we continue to open our borders or build a wall, whether we increase or reduce the number of refugees from Syria, how we negotiate trade deals that result in jobs for our people, whether black lives truly matter and whether blue lives matter as much.

The challenges facing our next leader are immense yet we let the national media  sets the debate agenda in a way that serves itself and the corporate greed of it's parent companies by creating titillating headlines rather than reporting factually on the candidates positions on important issue.

There are less than four weeks to go until election day. The conversation about the future must begin.  There is a clear and profound difference between the agendas laid forth by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  We must bring the issues into focus. The time for excuses is over.  It's time to fold the circus tents.

Most importantly we must vote in record numbers on November 8th to send a clear message around the globe that we are united, we are interested and we are engaged.

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