Bernie: Man To Beat in 2020
For those still suffering from a 2016 campaign hangover get ready 2020 is here. At least the campaign for 2020 has begun in earnest and it promises to get real, real quick.
Dozens of potential candidates have emerged as possible challengers to President Trump int he 2020 race for the White House...
Time To Get Serious
The national news media is working overtime to defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton.  While fairly obvious, until now that has been largely opinion but recent Wikileaks dumps have proven it to be true without a shadow of a doubt.
Facebook Criticism
It seems the tone of the presidential race has seeped into the New Bedford City Council.
Thursday evening, Ward Four City Councillor Dana Rebeiro shared a Hillary Clinton campaign ad featuring a Fall River factory on her personal Facebook page...
Bousquet: Apologize, Hillary
A New Bedford city councillor is looking for an apology from a presidential candidate.
Ward Three Councillor Henry Bousquet has filed a motion ahead of Thursday night's council meeting, requesting that a letter be sent to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, asking that she apologize to N…
Election Up!
Convention season is here and for political junkies like me it's the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup and Christmas all rolled into one.
The Republican National Committee has commenced it's nomination convention in Cleveland.  T...
Cruz Drops Out
MetroSource News - Ted Cruz is suspending his race for the White House.
The Texas senator made the announcement after being beaten soundly by Donald Trump in Indiana.
Cruz's decision to drop out leaves Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in an even better position to secure the Republican preside…
Trump Wins Indiana
WASHINGTON (AP) _ Donald Trump will collect at least 45 delegates for his victory in Indiana, putting him on a solid path to clinch the nomination and avoid a contested convention.
There are still 12 delegates left to be allocated.
Trump needs to win just 43 percent of the remaining delegates to captu…

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