A New Bedford city councillor is looking for an apology from a presidential candidate.

Ward Three Councillor Henry Bousquet has filed a motion ahead of Thursday night's council meeting, requesting that a letter be sent to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, asking that she apologize to New Bedford for comments made during her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. During the speech, Clinton noted her time spent in New Bedford in the 1970s, advocating for special needs children that she said were not afforded transportation to school.

Bousquet tells WBSM News, since Clinton made those comments, numerous former city officials have proven transportation was offered at that time, and an apology is in order. "It would've been fine. But she mentioned (New Bedford), in my opinion, in a very negative context. That we weren't doing, at the time, the best we could for our students here when in fact the opposite is true," said Bousquet. "New Bedford has always tried to the best it can. And for someone as prominent as Hillary Clinton to state otherwise, or otherwise not have all the facts, it's not fair."

The motion is co-sponsored by Ward Five Councillor Kerry Winterson.

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