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Police Protection
BOSTON (AP) - Police have been providing extra patrols around the home of a Massachusetts woman who won the $758.7 million Powerball prize.
A spokesman for Chicopee police said Friday that the department wants Mavis Wanczyk to know officers are "there if she needs us...
[RICHARD] February Check-In Survey
Hi! It's Thursday, February 23rd and I want to check in with folks on the Southcoast. How would you rate Trump? How do you feel about local inmates helping to build the wall? Tell me what you think by answering a few questions when you click on the button below:
Time To Get Serious
The national news media is working overtime to defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton.  While fairly obvious, until now that has been largely opinion but recent Wikileaks dumps have proven it to be true without a shadow of a doubt.