Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson was among the many members of law enforcement at a conference Wednesday in Washington, DC, where President Donald Trump spoke and promised the assembled sheriffs and police chiefs that they have a “true friend in the White House.”

Hodgson called in to WBSM’s Barry Richard Show from the nation’s capital, and said Trump told those in attendance that he wanted them to be his eyes and ears on the street. Trump told them they are the ones with first-hand knowledge when it comes to issues like drugs and illegal immigration.

“I’m extremely pleased that the president has doubled down on his commitment to secure our borders, attack the flow of drugs into our communities and restore accountability for those who violate our laws,” Hodgson said.

One of the things Trump promised was a “zero tolerance” policy for violence against law enforcement officers. Another topic in his remarks was the fact that he “wasn’t kidding” when it comes to the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“They are moving forward with it, and thank goodness they are,” Hodgson said. “Thank goodness this president is supporting and validating the work of all the great law enforcement people across this country.”

Trump spoke for roughly 30 minutes, and called it a “national tragedy” that crime appears to be on the rise. Hodgson said he believes the president is the right man to help law enforcement combat that rise.

“We have a president who is a problem-solver,” Hodgson said. “He’s a guy who knows how to get to the end game. He’s done it all of his career, and he doesn’t frankly care about the politics. He’s saying, ‘I have an obligation to the people, I made a commitment to them, and we’re going to carry it out, and we’re going to achieve it.’”

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