One woman left the car while arguing with her husband, and he never heard from her again.

Another woman disappeared in mysterious circumstances, with just her car, car keys, and a shoe left behind at a gas station.

For one man — Bristol County's most wanted fugitive — the FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information on his whereabouts.

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Others were lost at sea, but their bodies were never recovered.

A few left clues behind: notes, or a vague destination.

Many vanished without a trace.

Some have been gone for decades, others a few years.

Here are all the people in from Bristol County who are currently listed by authorities as missing persons, and details on their cases.

For more information on these missing people or if you think you may know something about any of them, visit the Bristol County District Attorney's Office unsolved cases webpage or the nationwide NamUs missing persons database.

List of Bristol County Missing Persons

Some left in the heat of a family argument and haven't been seen since, others were lost at sea and their bodies never recovered. Some have been gone for a few decades, others a few years. One is Bristol County's most wanted fugitive. Here are all the people who have vanished from Bristol County without a trace.

Massachusetts Unresolved Cases Playing Cards

Playing cards are being distributed to inmates in Massachusetts correctional facilities depicting the victims of unsolved murders and disappearances in the hopes that some inmates may recognize them and help bring closure to their cases.

The Victims in the New Bedford Highway Murders

The New Bedford highway murders took place in 1988, with the bodies discovered into 1989. The killer is confirmed to have killed nine women and suspected of murdering at least two more. Although there were at least three different men considered as suspects by the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office, the murders remain unsolved and the families of the victims are still searching for closure. The cases are all featured on the unsolved cases page of the Bristol County District Attorney's Office website.

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