Joey Salads is known for his experiments that test human behavior. An online version of "What Would You Do," brings awareness to the most important issues of our generation. This video was published a week ago and has reached over 10 million views. Joey shows us just how easy it is to slip a substance in our drink at bars and clubs. A little slight of hand and misdirection, it's the most dangerous magic trick you could ever find yourself in.

When a friend asks you to watch her drink, how diligent are you in that task? Do you move the drink closer to you, and use your hand to form a lid? Or do you turn your back to it and pay no mind to the guy standing next to it?

“As you can tell from this experiment, it is pretty easy to drug a girl. Always hold on to your drink, put a lid on it, or just never let your drink out of your sight,” he advised at the end of the experiment. So simple yet life-saving."

Share this video with your loved ones and talk to them about the dangers of leaving their beverage unattended. Not just girls, but boys too. Talk to your boys about respecting girls and never putting them in harmful situations. Tell them to watch out for each other and put each other's safety above everything else.