"Elections have consequences" -- President Barack Obama, speaking to Senator John McCain.

After McCain differed with the president, he was reminded by his victor that he lost the election and had no say in Obama's plans to lead.

Donald Trump was handed the same keys to the same kingdom by the same American people, and the same rule applies--or should apply, but the liberals don't want to face the consequences of losing elections. One would have to go back to 1988 to refer to an election by a new Republican president who was not accused of somehow "stealing" the election results.

The Trump election has brought out the worst in the left and the Democratic Party. Civility and decorum are out the window, and the same can be said for the supportive mainstream media. The two are difficult to tell apart, particularly when clear steps are taken to make the federal government more conservative and less liberal.

One such move is happening in front of our eyes with the nomination of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) stated that he was willing to do anything to stop another Trump appointment to the court. He seems to be keeping his word.

Kavanaugh passed a contentious judiciary senate panel hearing with momentum going to a confirmation, when a shocking 11th-hour attack on him was declared in a fantastic bombshell letter produced by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California), the ranking minority member of the panel.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault somewhere in the area of the summer of 1982 in Maryland. Ford got this letter to Feinstein on July 18 of this year, but Feinstein held it until after the senate judiciary panel concluded all interrogatories with Kavanaugh and prepared to vote.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford And Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Testify To Senate Judiciary Committee
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Ford was not able to name when the assault happened, where it happened, how she got to the place where she said Kavanaugh and his alleged accomplice Mark Judge were. She doesn't recall how she got home. She named three witnesses that she said could confirm this night in question.

None of the persons that she brought forth were able to recall a night as she described when investigators questioned them for witness statements. P.J. Smyth, Mark Judge and Leland Keyser (described by Ford as her best friend) were all questioned. All said they don't believe any such event ever happened.

In fact Kesyer, through her attorney, said she at no time had ever been to a party or get together with or without Dr. Ford where Brett Kavanaugh was present.

We've since learned that Dr. Ford's testimony has been proven to be wildly inaccurate.

The Democrats on the judiciary panel, even though in the minority, got their way and the FBI was instructed to look into the matter and provide a report. They were unable to find any evidence outside of the testimony of Dr. Ford to help corroborate an event that allegedly took place 36 years prior.

The liberal fanatics have molested Republican senators on the judiciary panel such as Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) in the senate halls, in the elevator, trapping him and forcing him to listen to women until they let him go. Flake acquiesced to their demands and called for the FBI to look at this matter before any vote.

For this to even come to fruition, Senator Feinstein or someone from her office rolled Ford under the bus and put her in the spotlight against her wishes. They pretended to be her concerned friends when they absolutely used her for their purposes. Ford was blindsided when the media began to circle around her at her office, calling her home and her friends' homes and offices, looking for a statement. She was outed against her wishes.

A victim of sexual assault should be able to decide if or when they will come forward--unless the Democrats need to do that for them to serve their agenda, I guess. They abused Dr. Ford, and have turned her world upside down by taking the choice away from her.

Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Vote On Brett Kavanaugh Nomination
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Now, the FBI investigation is called a sham (and worse) by Democratic members of Congress. The very investigation that they called for was insufficient by design they say, and so by the way are many in the liberal mainstream media.

The Boston Marathon was solved in four days by the FBI. President Trump ordered the FBI to expand the investigation and speak to whoever they wanted to.

Several months ago, the same Democrats were telling Americans that it was unacceptable for Donald Trump to question the integrity or political motivations of the FBI. Trump openly distrusts the motive of the surveillance they conducted on him in 2016. Now, perhaps these Democrats are inclined to agree?

Hundreds of protesters, including former celebrities and some current ones, made a lot of noise yesterday and today on Capitol Hill. The Senate will vote over the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh tomorrow. There will be relative peace if he is voted down. The conservatives will not be happy, but won't act anything like this.

If he passes through the vote and is confirmed, I suspect we will see more of the real personalities these people are hiding within themselves as long as they get their way. If you've been observing Antifa and "The Resistance", Occupy Wall Street, the Pink Pussyhat movements, you'd be wise to keep your distance.

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