If you could delete something from the SouthCoast, what would it be? This is a very important, hypothetical question we recently posed to SouthCoast residents, and boy, let's just say these answers were insightful.

Here's the scoop: You could delete a popular food that's widely beloved here on the SouthCoast. You could delete a specific intersection that you find dangerous, stressful or annoying. You could even delete a bothersome habit you notice among a lot of your fellow locals. The options were pretty limitless.

We left our comments (and our DMs) open, and received a wide variety of answers. Some were all-too-relatable and more on the serious side, while others were witty and funny, but all were equally passionate and inspired. Plinio Parker even shocked us all when they said they would delete fried clams, before quickly revealing it was all a joke, because who in the world would get rid of fried clams, am I right?

In total, over 100 FUN107 listeners let us know their most delete-able SouthCoast things. We've put 16 of our absolute favorite responses into a gallery, and hopefully, as a SouthCoast resident, you'll find some pretty relatable items on the list. Check it out, and if you don't find your own answer, let us know what you would delete from the SouthCoast if you had the ability.

16 Things People Would Delete From the SouthCoast If They Could

There's a lot to love about the SouthCoast. From an insane amount of great restaurants with delicious dishes to breathtaking views on the shores of sandy beaches, the SouthCoast is truly a place all its own – and don't even get us started on the area's extensive history. But we got to thinking, what areas of the SouthCoast could use some improvement, whether they're realistic or not? We asked FUN107 listeners what one thing they would delete from the SouthCoast if they could, and here were some of their answers.

Are we missing anything? What would you delete from the SouthCoast if given the chance? Shoot us a message with your response inside our station app.

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