Christine Ford, the California woman who says she was sexually assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh while the two were in high school, deserves to be heard.

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Why it took Ford 36 years to come forward, and Senate Judiciary Committee member Dianne Feinstein three months to disclose a letter from Ford outlining her claim, is obviously suspicious. Especially since Feinstein and the rest of the Democrats on the committee threw everything they had at Kavanaugh to try and stop a vote on his confirmation.

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Even left wing comedian and HBO host Bill Mahar said on Friday that the whole Ford affair makes the Democrats "look bad." Kavanaugh has obviously denied the allegation, and at least 65 women have come forward on Kavanaugh's behalf.

It appears that Ford and Kavanaugh will answer questions under oath about the alleged incident at some point this week. A vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation is scheduled for Thursday.

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"This woman should not be insulted and she should not be ignored," White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway told Fox and Friends on Monday morning.

I have seen no evidence to date to call Kavanaugh's character into question, and I am mighty suspicious of the timing of all of this. But to simply dismiss Ford's claim without first hearing from her is an injustice to all women, and plays right into the hands of those who would claim that Kavanaugh's confirmation puts women in jeopardy.

Grenade-throwing liberals often attack the character of good people when they can't defeat them on issues. I suspect this may be a case of that.

Sworn testimony should commence immediately, but unless a convincing case is made for a delay, the confirmation vote should go forward as scheduled on Thursday.

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