It's really hard for me to say whether or not an autistic boy, with no voice and no choice, ever felt the good that still lives somewhere out there. I didn't know David Almond, or ever set eyes on him, except for seeing his photos placed above his agonizing story about the lack of proper care and attention he received from his father and the father's girlfriend, charged with second degree murder in Almond's death.

I thank God, though, for letting a lot of local residents to get to know David Almond. Before this young boy died – a direct result of starvation and neglect – I hope he got a sense that people can be good.

On October 21 of last year, Fall River Police received an emergency phone call regarding an unresponsive boy, and when they arrived, they found 14-year-old David Almond mercilessly shrouded in feces amidst unthinkable decomposition and trash.

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I heard that a group has been formed to honor the memory of David. That, in itself, is proof that good remains alive and keeps going. The homage, in his memory, will take place at Heritage State Park in Fall River onSaturday, October 23 at 2 p.m., on the grassy area close to the main building.

They say David received good vibes from the color red, so if you can wear anything red, that would add some of David's personality to the celebration; you're also asked to bring bubbles and river rocks, too. Music will be plentiful and will play in the background during the observance, and anyone who wishes to share a few words will be encouraged to do so.

Hopefully, you can attend, as it will be David's day to be blessed by all of us, as we were all so blessed by him, whether we ever got to meet him or not.

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