If you're wondering why the Braga Bridge isn't as vibrant at night lately, there's a reason.

According to a Facebook post by State Rep. Carole Fiola, the blue lights we're used to seeing were always meant to be temporary.

The bridge will light up again, but it'll be a bit of a wait.

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Fiola said:

As many have noticed, the temporary lights on the Braga Bridge have been removed to be modified and retrofitted to fit the design of the new and final lighting that will adorn the bridge. MassDOT District 5 let me know that the existing lighting will remain removed/disabled until such time that the permanent lighting is in place and energized. This has always been the plan. The time frame for the outage is expected to be until spring 2026 per the contractor’s schedule. I’m looking forward to seeing our Bridge brightly lit with countless color combinations at that time.

"This is just Phase 1," Fiola said in 2022 as only the middle of the bridge was lit up.

It wasn't until spring/summer 2023 when the state Department of Transportation proceeded with Phase 2, extending the length of the lights alongside the bridge. Those vivid blue lights made up about 25% of the whole project.

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Although seven colors were chosen to rotate, the only two used were Braga blue (which is the default color) and orange temporarily. White, yellow, pink, purple and teal never happened. Phase 3 will supposedly allow for every color on the spectrum, Fiola added.

For now, the bridge won't be as colorful at night for the next couple of years, and although folks on social media don't seem pleased, there appears to be a plan in place.

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