Fairhaven is becoming quite the mecca for movie and television production crews.

According to Fairhaven's new town administrator, Angie Lopes Ellison, filming began around Fairhaven on Tuesday, but the recording had nothing to do with the Paramount+ movie that began filming last week here on the SouthCoast.

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The filming is instead for HGTV and a show that will feature a Fairhaven home renovation. The show will spotlight a before-and-after for 18 Cedar St., a beautiful home roughly a block away from Green Street in Fairhaven Village.

In fact, this is the very same house that Fun 107 first spotlighted over Memorial Day weekend last year. The home is a historical piece of property, once owned as part of the Henry Huttleston Rogers estate.

It's laughable, but this breathtaking home was once used as "the potting shed" when the oil and railroad tycoon lived on his Fairhaven compound.

Michael Rock/Townsquare Media
Michael Rock/Townsquare Media

The home is now vacant, and it is hard to imagine what the HGTV show might have in mind for renovations. The woodwork around the first level of the home is ornate with tons of detail. The kitchen has a modern look and an open feel, so a renovation there seems off the table.

One possibility might be the bathrooms, as photos of those spaces were not included in the real estate profile when the home went on sale last year.

Ellison said that the producers will capture exterior shots throughout the town using drones. No street closures will be necessary for the film crew. Ellison believes there will be little if any disruption for town residents.

Fairhaven Cedar Street Before Pics

See pictures of 18 Cedar Street, the site of Henry Huttleston Rogers' former potting shed for his greenhouse that could actually be your dream home in Fairhaven Village.

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