The Commissioner of Education has issued a four-point plan to improve academic acheivement at the struggling John A. Parker School in New Bedford. 

The state declared Parker a "level five" school last year, one of only a handful of "chronically underperforming" schools in Mass. 

Commissioner Mitchell Chester's turnaround plan includes a longer school day at Parker, more professional development for teachers, a compensation plan that rewards teachers for student acheivement, and creating a family resource center and a saturday acadamy to get more families involved. 

Supt. Dr. Pia Durkin will impliment  the plan.  She initially had some questions about its cost...

Commissioner Chester is also requiring all Parker School teachers to reapply for their jobs, and their compensation will be based on their effectiveness, professional growth, and academic acheivement of their students.  The New Bedford Educators Association did not sign off on the plan. 

Local school officials now have 30 days to submit proposed modifications.