Some guys join the military, some guys join college fraternities, some guys join motorcycle clubs, some join all of them in their life. I can't explain it.

I joined the military and a college fraternity. I understand how strangers come together and meld into a brotherhood. I can't explain it. If you know, you know, and if you don't that is okay too.

Eric Voshell was murdered with a gunshot to the head outside of a tavern in Fall River because he was standing up for something that meant everything to him. He was part of the Sidewinders motorcycle club.

He lived on Martha's Vineyard with his wife and children. He was involved in the year-round community that serves as a summer getaway for the rich and famous. For many years, he was a call firefighter in the town of Oak Bluffs. He was a successful air conditioning contractor on Martha's Vineyard.

On a night when most people would be heading from the mainland to Martha's Vineyard, he was going from the destination of U.S. presidents and venture capitalists to the gritty streets of Fall River.

In an altercation with another group of men from another motorcycle club, Voshell was shot in the head. He died standing up for his brothers and that is a life worth living.

He had previously survived a bizarre motorcycle accident on Martha' Vineyard. A passenger on his bike had a sweater and it slipped into the back wheel of the bike, and the resulting accident nearly killed Voshell. He was airlifted off the island and made the kind of recovery that only comes from the heart and mind of a man who has the will to triumph over death. The people on Martha's Vineyard rallied around his family then and I'm sure they will again.

“The fire department is like a brother and sisterhood,” said Oak Bluffs fire chief John Rose. “One of your brothers or sisters needs your help, the fire department always comes together. It’s what we do. We stand up for each other when we need help.”

You understand it or you don't.

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