My late dad was a Greek Orthodox priest. He brought us kids up to respect people of all faiths. Living in Washington Heights, a stone's throw from the George Washington Bridge, a lot of my neighbors and friends were Jewish. So it's no surprise that I feel just as peaceful in a synagogue, listening to the ancient tones of the cantor, as I do in my own church meditating with the Gregorian chants.

When Yom Kippur would come around, I remember my father saying that everyone, regardless of beliefs, should observe this day with reverence, making amends to others and atoning for our own personal sins. It has been 30 years since he's passed on, and I still take this day to reflect inwardly, ask for forgiveness, make reparations, and use the time to think about how I could do things differently in the coming year.

To everyone commemorating the High Holy Day of Yom Kippur, the Paleologos family wishes you G 'mar Hatima Tova. Have a meaningful fast and a healthy, successful year with hope and renewed intention, and may you be sealed in The Book of Life.

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