The Fairhaven Police Department had a disturbing post on their Facebook page yesterday.

“As responding Officer Bourgault pointed out, this group of young adults played a trick a day early and treated themselves to dinner at Frontera Grill! We need these four young adults to come forward and make good on the tab, or face prosecution when we identify them! Here, they are confidently getting a table and then even more confidently leaving in the SUV. Share so their parents can see!”

Fairhaven Police Department Facebook
Fairhaven Police Department Facebook

It is NEVER ok to dine and dash or forego a tip for a hardworking server. Just don't be THAT person. Coming from someone who worked in a restaurant for a few years, I cannot tell you how crushed I would be if I were the server that waited on these kids, or how disrespected I would feel. Not to mention that Frontera queso is like liquid gold, and they should know better than to disrespect that cheesy goodness like that. Not classy.

However, I'm glad to hear that this story had a somewhat positive ending. According to the FPD, one of the kids came forward.

"In regards to our previous post about the walkout at Frontera. One of the male parties pictured came into the Fairhaven Police and made good on the bill! Luckily for his friends, one person in the group decided it was best to keep them all out of trouble. We had just learned of their identities but as mentioned, Frontera just wanted them to come forward and there will be no criminal charges.

The original post has since been removed from the FPD Facebook page.

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