Another partial government shutdown is looming because grown men and women in Washington can't get their acts together and resolve their differences like adults.

Senate Republicans Hold Conference Meeting To Elect Leadership Positions
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Chuck Schumer, who is the voice for the minority in the Senate, is threatening to shut down the government if a bill he favors that protects special counsel Robert Mueller from being fired is not attached to a temporary funding bill. The Republicans in both the House and Senate are threatening a partial shutdown unless the Democrats approve funding for President Trumps' border wall.

The deadline for an agreement is December 7.

I support fully funding the border wall, but not Robert Mueller's endless investigation, and I am sick and tired of politicians holding the taxpayer hostage by threatening to shut down the government in order to get their way.

Pro-Trump Activists Hold Rally On Border Supporting President And His Immigration Policies
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President Trump was given a mandate on the border wall by a landslide in the Electoral College. Schumer has no right to try and block the will of the people.

On the other hand, nearly two years of investigating by Mueller has turned up no wrongdoing on the part of Trump, but has made Mueller a rich man. The probe should wrap up now, or Mueller should go.

Foolish political games just to thwart a duly-elected president at every turn is not in the best interest of the American people. It's time for the Democrats to end their resistance, and show that they can govern.

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