DARTMOUTH - The nationally ranked Dartmouth High School Band has received a response from the incoming Trump administration.

In late November, band director Bill Kingsland had applied for the band to march in the Inaugural Parade on January 20 in Washington, D.C..

In an email to WBSM News, Kingsland confirmed that the President-Elect's team sent a respectful letter to him last week, letting him know the Dartmouth High School Band was not accepted to perform. Kingsland says he has addressed the band, making them aware of the news.

Kingsland's application for the band to perform at Trump's inauguration was met with some controversy. However, Kingsland says, "From the beginning we were looking for this to be an extension of our commitment  to public service, with no interest in partisanship or politics. We would be honored to perform for any duly elected President of the United States if called on."

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