CNN's Jim Acosta absolutely deserved to have his White House press credentials lifted, and perhaps a few other show boaters should as well as a result of their disruptive behavior during a news conference with President Trump on Wednesday.

Acosta crossed a line on Wednesday when he put his hands on a young female intern who was attempting to take the microphone back from him. Big old Bozo no no there, pal.

Think the pink hat crowd will be marching outside of CNN headquarters today? No, me neither.

Reporters are expected to ask tough questions of our elected officials and should continue to do so. But there is a difference between tough questioning, and rude and belligerent behavior. Acosta's antics are beyond the pale as he attempts to make himself into a media star for a failing cable news network. Acosta and others in the White House press corps have become openly hostile to this administration.

White House reporters are not there to debate or lecture the president. They are there to ask questions and report on the answers.

So, now the cry from CNN is that Trump won't answer those tough questions. White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders disagrees:

"Contrary to CNN’s assertions, there is no greater demonstration of the President’s support for a free press than the event he held today. Only they would attack the President for not being supportive of a free press in the midst of him taking 68 questions from 35 different reporters over the course of an hour and a half — including several from the reporter in question."

Acosta routinely disrespects his interview subjects while making a fool of himself. His childish rants have tried the patience of participants and viewers alike. Covering the White House is a coveted position, but it requires decorum and respect on the part of the reporter. Jim Acosta shows neither.

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The legendary Helen Thomas, who covered the White House for decades for UPI, could make presidents quiver, while ABC's Sam Donaldson seldom settled for a stock answer. But both understood protocol, and were respectful of the process.

Too many of today's snowflake reporters are busy defending the honor of their industry, which is sullied by their own behavior, and don't understand the role of a member of the White House press corps. Nor do they understand that they do not have a First Amendment right to be disruptive.

Jim Acosta brings shame to a once honorable profession. Is it any wonder why the public trust in the media is at an all-time low? Now the media is threatening to boycott the daily press briefing. Oh boy! Will they hold their breath until they turn blue also?

Barry Richard is the host of The Barry Richard Show on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard weekdays from noon to 3 p.m. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @BarryJRichard58. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.