So, Colin Kaepernick and his pouty little brood of football bros have a right to kneel during the national anthem. Nike has a right to hire Kaepernick as its spokesman. But those who are offended by those actions do not have a right to express themselves?

The North Smithfield, Rhode Island Town Council is set to consider a resolution tonight that was submitted by Council President John Beauregard requesting the School Committee and all municipal departments to refrain from purchasing Nike products. Period.

Respondents to a tweet on NBC10 reporter Jared Pelletier's Twitter page seem to suggest that Beauregard is not entitled to express his viewpoint.

I fail to see what bigotry has to do with any of this, but this sampling certainly makes a strong case for intolerance. Why do NFL players and Nike get the respect of the above tweeters, but not Beauregard?

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As I have stated since all of this childishness began, Colin Kaepernick and his buddies have every right to protest. Knock yourselves out! But the consumer has every right to protest as well, and if that protest includes not watching football or buying NFL gear or Nike products, so be it. One's freedom of expression does not get to override someone else's.

John Beauregard has every right to introduce his resolution and make the case for not using taxpayer money to purchase products from a company he feels is disrespectful to the country. If the board disagrees, oh well.

The whiny left has got to understand that there is more than one side to every issue and that everyone is entitled to their say. To simply dismiss or dis someone else's point of view without giving them the respect of at least considering their point of view is what is truly outrageous here.

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