I admit, I never knew what The Top of the Hub was growing up. It wasn’t until I went to college in Bridgewater that my Boston-based roommate enlightened me of this spectacular restaurant.

Known for its breathtaking views of the city on the 52nd floor, The Top of the Hub is one of those places one reserves for a special occasion, like a proposal. Fine-dining doesn’t even begin to describe it and it's been in business for 50 years.

I’ve never been to The Top of the Hub, and it looks like I may never get the chance. The Boston Globe reported on Wednesday, January 15 that the restaurant and the Skywalk Observatory in the Prudential Tower are both “set to close on April 18, according to the operators of the venues.”

“The closures are the result of the decision of Boston Properties Inc., owners of The Prudential Tower, not to provide a new lease for the venues despite several years of discussion,” officials from Select Restaurants, Inc. said in a statement on Wednesday. Select Restaurants operates both the restaurant and the observatory.

“We thank Select Restaurants for their many years of operations of the Skywalk Observatory and Top of the Hub. Upon their lease expiration, the Skywalk Observatory and Top of the Hub will be closing. Boston Properties is planning an exciting new design for an observatory at Prudential Center that will provide a world-class visitor experience for visitors to Boston. We thank the community in advance for their patience during the construction process and look forward to sharing plans for this exciting new experience.” - Bryan Koop, executive vice president of Boston Properties

It is estimated that approximately 200 employees will lose their jobs and staff was informed at a meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Boston Globe, John Quagliata, chairman of Select Restaurants claims that the lack of a new lease is not due to management failure, an inability to pay escalating rents or a downturn in business.

“Despite continued sales growth, a commitment to once again invest millions of dollars in the restaurant, and our heartfelt desire to operate the restaurant as we have for decades, Boston Properties chose not to extend our lease.” - John Quagliata, chairman of Select Restaurants

There is no mention of the closing on the restaurant's Facebook page.

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