The big difference in President Donald Trump's re-election campaign in 2020 could be the level of support he receives from the black community. And, the man most despised by the black community could become the most pro-black president of the modern era.

A Rasmussen poll released last week indicates growing support for Trump among blacks. A big part of that is economics. For the first time ever, black unemployment has fallen below six percent. That means record numbers of black men, women, and youth are employed. Trump has created opportunities where for decades, the Democrats have offered only unfulfilled promises.

Donald Trump Holds Rally, Campaigns For Troy Balderson, In Ohio
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The Rasmussen survey pegs Trump's support with black Americans at 29 percent, twice what it was a year ago. Black businessman and former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, in an op-ed for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, says, "Trump's policies are bringing real, positive change to the lives of black-Americans across the country - and we are taking note."

Not only are more blacks working but, wages are higher. Cain says blacks are giving Trump, "a second look as he continues to make good on his economic promises and works to implement long-overdue reforms."

Cain says, "It’s the Democrats’ worst nightmare: an empowered black community that will never again fall victim to their empty promises and false hope."

And he is right.

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The failure of the first African-American president to address the core problems facing the black community, and the subsequent unraveling of the Democratic party, has exposed decades of empty promises made to black voters. With Trump delivering, no credible argument can support claims of racism against him or the Republicans.

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Cain says, "Donald J. Trump will be the most pro-black president in our lifetime." He appears to be on to something. If only the dishonest press would do its job and report the truth.

Geoff Diehl for Senate / Facebook
Geoff Diehl for Senate / Facebook

By the way, Cain has endorsed Republican Massachusetts Senate Candidate Geoff Diehl in his bid to oust Democrat Elizabeth Warren. He joined me to discuss his support of Diehl on my show:


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