He's at it again.

President-Elect Donald Trump, fresh from his assault on defense contractor Boeing is now going after Lockheed Martin.  Last week Trump cancelled a 4 Billion dollar contract with  Boeing for a fleet of Air Force One planes, saying the cost was too high.  On Monday, Trump stopped short of cancelling a contract with Lockheed Martin, which is 4 years behind schedule in delivering more than 24 hundred F-35 fighter jets.  FOX News says the 400 Billion dollar price tag has doubled since the deal was singed in 2001.

Trump tweeted on Monday, "Billions of dollars can and will be saved on military (and other) purchases after (inauguration day) January 20th."  This is exactly the type of thing voters all across the country were counting on Trump to do, take on wasteful spending and d swamp of this type of corruption.

Meanwhile, with the effort to keep Trump from taking office via recount now history, opponents have settled back on the Russians and hacking as their excuse for being driven back to the stone age by Trump in the recent election.  One has to wonder what it is they really fear so much?