OPINION|Barry Richard: Space Force Makes Perfect Sense
If your first reaction to the proposal for a "Space Force" is to chuckle, you are being shortsighted and perhaps even misinformed.
President Trump has conjured up images of Wookies and Star Wars Stormtroopers by instructing the Department of Defense and the Pentagon to begin studyin…
Pentagon Waste
He's at it again.
President-Elect Donald Trump, fresh from his assault on defense contractor Boeing is now going after Lockheed Martin.  Last week Trump cancelled a 4 Billion dollar contract with  Boeing for a fleet of Air Force One planes, saying the cost was too high.  O...
Obama: Hitting ISIS Hard
President Obama says the U.S.-led coalition is hitting ISIS harder than ever.
After a high-level meeting at the Pentagon, Obama said the coalition has fired roughly nine-thousand bombs at ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. He insisted that his anti-ISIS strategy is moving forward with a great sense of u…
Obama Welcomes Heroes
The Pentagon is honoring the French train attack heroes. The three men helped stop a heavily-armed gunman on a Paris-bound train last month.
In a Pentagon ceremony, Defense Secretary Ash Carter awarded the Airman's Medal and Purple Heart to U...

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