When a sports team chooses a name for the franchise, they usually pick something or someone that demands respect. For New England, the Patriots are a logical choice. The New York Yankees choice had purpose and so does too, the name of the Washington Redskins.

Most of us have seen in recent years, a growing sentiment to pressure the NFL's Washington Redskins to abandon their nickname over its "offensive nature". This is 2015, since when is the color of any race a negative? Now, there can be no denying that the European colonies, and to a lesser degree the independent nations that followed really screwed the indigenous people of the Americas in countless double crossings and broken deals. No one should deny these dark and selfish chapters of the west’s expansion but the intent and the pride of the Washington Redskin’s founder was far removed from any of that.

The Washington Redskins once belonged to Boston as the Boston Braves, sharing the same field and name as the Major League Baseball Team. The majority of the original group of owners abandoned the franchise after the first year in 1932, leaving sole owner George Preston Marshall with complete control. He immediately moved the team to Fenway Park in 1933 and hired William Henry Dietz as coach. Dietz, who was part Sioux Indian, was not the only Native American on the team as four players were also Indian and on the team’s roster.

Marshall, who, switched the nickname of the team from Braves to Redskins mainly based on the confusion with the Boston Braves baseball franchise but was not likely a racist as evidenced by his hirings. The name is in NO way meant to be disparaging, in fact quite to the contrary. The history of the original Redskins only adds to the argument to keep the name.

Does anyone see the Irish Americans condemning Notre Dame’s logo and nickname? Should pirates around the world unite and protest the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Oakland Raiders?

You want to find an offensive name? Look at the honored name of one of the world’s most famous liberal colleges; Amherst College. This bastion of Lenin loving lefties is located in Amherst, Massachusetts. What? You don’t know the history of this guy?

Jeffrey Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst, veteran of the British Army who is credited for winning Canada for Britain in the French & Indian War. More importantly this cruel bastard adored a sinister, psychopathic plan concocted by his subordinate General Bouquet, and instructed him to kill off the mostly peaceful Native Americans in western Pennsylvania through the sinister means of giving them blankets and handkerchiefs under the guise of gifts....but loaded with the smallpox virus for which there was no cure. Saddam Hussein eat your heart out, the original O.G. WMD fiend.

There can be no denying his deeds as a confirmed and documented letter to these men is the indisputable "smoking gun."

He gave that horrid plot the nod and told his troops "to try Every other method that can serve to Extirpate this Execrable Race."


Now you just know those grey ponytail wearing, Prius driving, reusable bag toting at Whole Foods, Occupy Wall Street liberals of tenure there know the background of Baron Amherst.

I’m sure their argument to keep the name is, in the end, linked to tradition. I’m also willing to bet that some of the professorial types there have contributed to the pressure toward the Washington Redskins to lose the name. If it is one thing of which liberals are quite prolific, it is hypocrisy.

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